Perfume wafts in the air
The door is shut
She's out but
You hear
Her whispering "Believe".
Your breath uneven,
The air goes deeper,
Your mind never forgets
The precious fetters that's her smell
Her gaze is arrowlike,
Her will bends alchemy,
She swathes reverence in hope
Knowing every perfume note,
You will never be the same
You are now mystery and prey.
Her charm will be your secret prison,
Her choice your law,
Her choice your fate.
The record says Beethoven,
His sonatas mould through thought a type
There is no other lord but here,
Her instinct vanquished the throne
Its bouquet lures you riddle-like,
There is no simple way beyond
Laconic, William's sonet,
Feeds she fire,
Can tranquilise or galvanise
Will hide the evident,
Tune you like a fork,
And dissolve you with a drop!
It will cost a lot, but you
Are not a miser, for
She seals a bottle with your dreams...
With berry passion deep at night,
She will put tumult to a stop,
Love weeps
In languish meadow flowers.
No question left unanswered,
She aspires beyond compromise,
She's not of this planet, no
From other worlds, has come She,
The highest Perfumer.