Caro is a philosophy in a bottle, it is a game of spirit and soul that unite and give birth to meaning. Scent is a pathway to self-awareness, it is a tool that makes up and breaks down illusions, it is a craft on the verge of art.


Scent, a sibling to breathing, triggers memories, wakes up the life in them. But what defines that life? Who gives it meaning? This meaning, this value, is it not to highlight it that you put on exquisite lingerie, buy a good car, an expensive watch? What if you could bind all of those manifestation into one? One thing that you will take in the morning and know that your true self is always there?.. This cloud, this mist, the barely-noticeable whisper, or, vice versa, the deafening bellow, this will captivate others not because of the values that you have been taught, but thanks to your courage to cherish the values you were born with.

Carolina Caro writes unique olfactory stories, reflects dreams and images in a perfume bottle. For one or for many, there is always a meaning inside. These are stories, ideas that my fragrance, as an orator, speaks for their carrier. Only feeling can decipher the olfactory language. It does so on the scene that is consciousness, and the props are of its making. What is in the mind defines life.


I am what I do. So are you. Any creator reflects their worldview in everything they do. Mine lets me create without boundaries – neither in the mind nor in my formulas. Knowledge, harmony, and love guide my hand.


I offer you a choice. You could choose and wear one of our olfactory stories or... if you feel constrained in a preset scenario – we welcome you in our laboratories to create your own manuscript.
Composer: Carolina Caro