Dasein translates into 'be there' from German. It encapsulates the art of living. These perfumes are a reiteration of art described by a perfumer, art per se, a monument to life.


Perfumery is an art form built around the oldest sense in the world. A megalopolis of cliches and superstition towers over it. Its dwellers are myths about pheromones and perfume genders. Smell is a smell, each finds their own, just like in painting, dance, cuisine.

It is no easy task to put a perfume into words. "Masculine", "peachy", "wooden"... boring, isn't it? It is tantamount to calling David 'a bloke'. One question, 'why', is what separates the shallow from the real. Our languages lack positive smell descriptors, hence the loan from other senses: vision – yellow; touch – soft; taste – sweet. Why is that? This rumination has been fuelled by an evolving understanding of olfactory aesthetics, as well as by a disillusionment... with people. My vision, a loanword again, my nose, shows what olfactory art is. You are with me – you are with me. To others, who covet commercial stigmas – I have no interest in you.


Fragrances are installations, art. It is no liquid to mindlessly daub on the neck in the morning. There is an idea. An idea that I sell – a piece of knowledge, a chance to ruminate and enjoy your choice and astuteness.


People should see the beauty of a smell, 'see' in its literary sense, that is why I use paintings as references. I sell fragrances to a small circle of people that dare to think in earnest.
Composer: Danila Volkov